Aircraft Inspection & Management, LLC

Aircraft Inspection & Management, LLC

FAA & EASA Approved 145 Repair Station
FAA No. 8AIR305B
EASA No. 145.6258

Tel. 520-399-6489
Fax 520-579-8855

2481 W. Poppy Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705

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AIM’s ability to provide management expertise in the form of Technical Support and Aircraft Engine Maintenance, ensures its customer’s competitive edge in today’s aviation marketplace.  AIM is specially geared to perform work away from its base of operations, and has immediate access to the necessary personnel and state of the art portable inspection equipment to accomplish the required tasks.

AIM’S services include:


AIM is capable of performing on-site FAA/EASA Dual Release 8130-3 Top Case Repairs on all CF6 and CFM56 Series Engines.  This cost-effective alternative to expensive shop visits, incorporates replacements or repairs to/blending of HPC blades.


For less significant damage, AIM provides a blend borescope service of blades.  This is performed without the need for any engine disassembly.  These repairs are offered with an optional FAA/EASA Dual Release 8130-3.


AIM is capable of tagging engines serviceable for installation onto another aircraft.  This is beneficial to those customers without a maintenance program, or with an aircraft in between maintenance programs.


Full DVD video borescope inspections of Airframes, Engines & APU’s with a comprehensive written report and optional FAA/EASA Dual Release 8130-3.


Timely identification of discrepancies, such as the installation of unapproved parts or missing documentation saves our customers time and money.  AIM audits all current and historical maintenance cards, installation records, part tags, approval certificates, service bulletins, AD notes, and other necessary documents required for the traceability and proof of serviceability of the engine.  


AIM's service is essential to any aircraft lease transaction. The condition of an engine, its QEC, and general inventory are vital when leased equipment goes out or comes back. Lessors and lessees alike can protect themselves with the knowledge that the equipment is in the condition that their agreements call for. AIM's inspection reports provide an essential tool for dealing with any engineering, legal, and maintenance issues.


For stored or active aircrafts that do not meet minimum service hours, AIM preserves fuel & oil, and secures a watertight barrier.  This extends the life of engines & APU's and aids in the prevention of corrosion.


AIM’s inspection equipment is top-of-the line.

The GE XLG3™ VideoProbe® is a revolutionary new video borescope that improves inspection productivity.  All- Way® articulation and high-output illumination deliver sharp, clear images for critical decision making.  High- resolution wide VGA LCD screen delivers incredibly sharp, bright images.  The new measurement technology enables inspectors to both view and measure a defect using a single tip optic, eliminating the extra steps required to back out, change the tip and then relocate the defect. In effect, 3D Phase Measurement
provides accurate measurement “on-demand” while saving time and increasing overall inspection productivity. The XLG3 VideoProbe with 3D Phase Measurement is one of the most advanced and technically powerful visual inspection tools available.

The Wolf Blending Scope is a highly cost saving repair tool, designed especially for the on-wing blending of HPC blades.  This tool is designed like a traditional borescope.  Its shaft is inserted through the standard borescope ports. A motor drives the tip with the mounted grinding tool up to several thousand rpm. The blending process is observed through an inbuilt high resolution optical lens system either by direct vision through the ocular eyepiece or via a standard video camera system on a monitor. A wide range of tools for cutting, grinding and polishing are available in various lengths and forms and may be fitted to the unique patented miniature drive head of the Blending device.

The Viper 4040CE is the latest technology in Vibration Analyzers.  When state of the art tools are combined with our experience and techniques, our customers receive the highest quality reports available.

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